Tuesday, 28 March 2017

EPP Tuesday & My Fabulous Weekend

I'd better start with the EPP Tuesday... been making only sluggish progress on my scrappy quilt in recent weeks... but slow is better than not at all, I guess!
I blame the TV - too many good murder shows on lately... fictional or factual, I don't mind... I do love a good murder (or in the case of 'Murder Uncovered' on Ch7 last night, many murders)... & how handsome is Detective Murdoch, in Murdoch Mysteries?!
Oops, I digress... ANYWAY, please do link up if you're working on any EPP... big or small, it's all welcome & I love to see it.
Linky in the sidebar as usual.

Now to my Fabulous Weekend... yes those words do deserve capital letter intro's, given that my weekend was spent with my Patchwork gang, yes on Retreat!
Normally for Retreat, I like to start a new big project... but this time I decided to take a bunch of smaller, half-done items to finish off, or get closer to completion.
 You will see I had rather a 'zippy' time with my sewing...
This gorgeous pouch was just the two outer panels & gusset, not even stitched together... very pleasing progress with this one, there's only the top bind to turn over & stitch down... then it's finished! I decided to make a little needlebook & pincushion to go with it; golly they were a fiddle, but turned out so well... there's a 2nd pincushion that I'm going to give to a friend.
Some of you will recall that I made a pouch just like this for my SSCS of 2016 & I just couldn't not make one for myself... I have to share that I was quite stumped with one aspect of the zipper install on this one (I'm prone to overthinking), but figured it out eventually; strangely I didn't have that trouble with the other one I made... *I'm scratching my head* !!
 The little pincushions just need their stuffing & the needlebook needs a button, & then they're finished too.
 It's seriously the most machine-sewing work I've ever put into such a small item, but I do love it♥

I also finished two zipper pouches, for my Mum's gifty stash... I'd cut the pieces for these 2, but just not sewn them up.

A second Star Wars pencil case was also finished... such a great fun item to make!

 It's always interesting to see what the other ladies are working on... hand-stitched blocks for 'The Farmers Wife'... applique & stitchery for Bronwyn Hayes 'The Wish Quilt'... a baby quilt made with half-square triangles... a wall hanging for a grandchild... a quilt for a grandson... a softie Unicorn whose horn just wouldn't stitch properly (yes you can imagine the humour we had with that situation😉) It really was a hive of industry.... but of course there's always time for breaks, amazing meals, & endless conversations.
The bush setting is just so peaceful... birds are everywhere... the sounds of sheep & the rustling of the huge trees surrounding the property... no traffic or urban noises. Basically, ♥bliss♥.

Great Aunt Violet saw me getting things organised & packed... so she & Young Penelope tagged along for the road trip. They had a great time getting up to mischief & making new friends!

"Now then Penelope, this is the sign we're in for a great holiday!"

"I really like the finish they've done on the walls in there... re-purposed natural timbers & insulating foil are so homey... saw it in the latest issue of Architectural Chookhouse ... & that ventilation, so energy efficient. Kudos for the use of the solar panel for powering the outdoor coach lights"

"Hhmmm, the front door is a quirky design feature"

"Excuse me lady, please don't keep moving these lovely nesting spots... I just get comfy, then you take them & attack them with that machine!"

"Oh my, this drink is really good, can't beat a good G & T"
"God this egg-laying business is bloody painful! Now I've got to get down there & sit on it"

"Look I'm sorry fellas, I really don't know which of you is the Father, you'll just have to wait until it hatches"

"Oh look Aunt Violet, this machine is as old as you"
"Hhmmph, a woman never reveals her age, you cheeky little chicken"

"Bye for now Dwellingup, see you next time♥"

I arrived at Dwellingup early Friday afternoon, with the plan of leaving about 4pm Sunday... but I was having such a great time, I stayed an extra day & came home Monday afternoon...
doesn't The Real World always seem so noisy & busy when you've had such a lovely break from it?!

The Sow's Ear Quilt had its reveal at Retreat too... I believe the ladies were suitably impressed with how I met their Challenge... there's enough pics in this post already, so my next post will finally be the blogland Reveal of this quilt... stay tuned!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

'Christmas Through The Year' for 2017

Well, I'm somewhat behind the 8-ball in re-launching CTTY for the year.
But really, I'm not sure how many people are thinking of & planning the making of Christmas gifts this early!
 I've decided to make some changes to CTTY & see how it goes.
Firstly, the linky now welcomes ALL Christmas gifts being made... those of a non-Christmas theme (like previous years) and also those of a Christmas theme.
If you're making small quick items, or making progress on a gift that takes time... if it's going to be a Christmas gift, it's welcome here for the linky!
I see heaps of Christmas themed goodies being made throughout the year, ready to be gifted in the Festive season, so why not link them up here... they are gifts after all, which is what this linky is all about.

The other change is the date... the linky will now be open each month from 6am on the 18th, & closing midnight on the 21st; West Australia time.
The linky will appear in the blog post for the 18th of each month.
Also, for some added fun, I'm going to be doing a random CTTY giveaway at the end of some linky's during the year... I won't be announcing which month, but just picking a name randomly here & there to be my winner of a small goodie or two... to say 'thanks for supporting CTTY'.

How does that sound??
There's nothing like the satisfaction of opening up my giftie tub in mid-late November, seeing lots of great stuff & just being able to pick it out & wrap it... no end-of-year scramble to make or finish gifts, when I'm so busy already! (or worse, forgetting someone!)

I hope you will join me a few time during the year & share your Christmas makes.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Giveaway Winner, More Birthday Mail & A Finished Stitchery...

It's been such a lovely weekend here...
Saturday was cool, cloudy & rainy... perfect for a few indoor chores... Sunday, well the sun was shining, the birds were chirpin' & it was just a stunning 24°C day♥

Thank you everyone who Commented on my post for the 'Cake & Candles Giveaway', and for your lovely Birthday wishes... unfortunately a few ladies were 'no-reply', so your names couldn't be included... sorry I can't figure out how to get the Random Number Generator image here, so I will just go ahead & publish the winning name.
You will be receiving the parcel of goodies! If you will kindly email me your  postal details, I'll get it sent away to you.
Wendy is working on a stunning piece of embroidery at the moment, called A Year Of Stitches... it's a slow-growing but gorgeous piece of work... I hope you'll click on her name & go to see her amazing project.

I've received two more Fat Quarter Birthday Club mailings...
 Lovely Asta... what a great fabric, & I'll be able to use those threads for sure... my EPP skills haven't yet extended to clamshells, but I'll give them a go.
 Look at those cheeky pumpkin faces, from Julie... she generously sent 2 other fabrics, plus she must have sensed how many needles I've been breaking lately😉
Both cards from the ladies are so pretty - thanks again Asta & Julie.

I put the last few stitches in my piece on Friday... it's called Santa's Workshop, & is a pre-printed design from wonderful Aussie designer Natalie Bird (The Birdhouse).
Although they were the most fiddly aspect of this stitchery, I think that the two mice are just the cutest part of the whole piece!
 Sorry about the colour, nighttime pics don't always play nice, do they?!

There's a bit of excitement for me this week... I'm off to RETREAT on Friday... woo hoo!
Normally we have a booking for late April, but this time it's a month earlier... just hope the weather will be kind to us & not too hot. I haven't yet decided what to work on, but I'm sure I won't be lacking projects to inspire me. Three days of sewing bliss; can't wait!
What's not to love about a gorgeous bush setting less than 45 minutes from home?!

Thank you to my new Followers for your interest in my blog; I hope you'll enjoy reading my musings.

~ Have a Great Week Ahead ~

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

It's My 'Cake & Candles Giveaway'!

Yes it's birthday giveaway time at Hibiscus HQ...

Welcome to my 5th Annual
'Cake & Candles Giveaway'

This great little collection of goodies could be yours:
 I'll be adding a couple of little extras too, for that element of surprise♥

If you'd like the chance to win, simply be a Follower & leave me a Comment on this post... easy!
And yes, it's open worldwide. Please make sure I can contact you.
I'll announce a name on Saturday 18th.

Thanks for joining in!

Today is the 2nd Tuesday of the month... EPP time... the linky is in the sidebar...
I hope you'll link up & show us your EPP work.
Mine isn't terribly interesting at the moment; I've cut a big pile of white shapes ready to baste.

Have a Great Tuesday!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

My Birthday & Slow Sunday Stitching

Yes that time of year rolled around again... another candle on the cake... a birthday for me.

Each year for our birthdays, my long-time blogging friend Kaylee & I exchange gifts... unfortunately there was a delivery mix-up with my parcel arriving... somehow the Postie delivered my mail to next door neighbours, & it sat on their door stoop for several days unattended while they were away... Luckily it didn't come to any harm... I got the parcel before my birthday & I now have my really lovely gifts from my friend.

Kaylee's made me a really useful block folder & layout mat... & she packed the front pocket of it with goodies! A great little pouch holding a glue pen & needles for EPP, & also some sweet little scissors charms. Three fq's from Bonnie & Camille rounded out this really spoiling parcel.

Thank you again Kaylee for your beautiful gifts & fq's... & most importantly for your thoughtfulness & friendship... xx

This year, I re-joined the Birthday Fat Quarter group with Cheryll & boy was I lucky to receive a few gorgeous parcels of goodies! You might notice a Halloween-ish theme with most of the fabrics; the theme was my pick for fabrics to receive this year, so I can put them towards a project I want to start on in a few months.

Amazing zipper pouch from Sue... don't you just love the fabric?! Sue filled it with fab items & so many of them had a New Zealand flavour... thank you so much Sue for spoiling me with such a collection of yummy pressies♥

Cheryll included some great witch silhouettes with the fq's she sent to me - perfect for a project or two...

Jeanette has sent me a really handy FQ, & some extras too... I use a LOT of adhesive notes, so this dainty folder of them is just perfect.

And these are from Illene... the handmade card is a gift in itself!

Thanks again ladies, I love it all & can use it all!

I've been working on this little pre-print stitchery lately, each week when I go to my patchwork group... so easy to stitch & chat... but Friday was mostly chat, given that was the day of my birthday.
Strange of me, I love to stitch these, but I never make anything with them... will have to make them up, or the time I put into stitching is for nothing, don't you think?!
At least the sleigh was stitched!

I've not been doing much stitching or sewing during the week... but have at least given a little time to adding some more white hexy's around the edges of my Scrappy Hexy Quilt.
Today I did a bit more... nothing like it, especially when it's stormy outside, the Site Manager is snoozing next to me & I've got a good DVD playing♥

Some of you may recall that I do a 'Cake & Candles Giveaway' each year around the time of my birthday... I'm a little delayed with it this year, but will have details in my next post.

If you've read down this far, I thank you & I hope you'll come back another time... I see I have some new Followers - welcome & I hope you enjoy visiting here!

Merry Un-Birthday To Us All!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Weekend Sewing

I just love public holiday Mondays... today is the third day of my weekend!

While I've not been highly productive this weekend, it's been great to get a couple of small things done.

This huge octopus of strips, which I cut last week, has now become the binding for my Sow's Ear Quilt... I'm hoping it will be back from the quilter soon, as my Reveal deadline is getting closer.

DD-Y needed a new pencil case for the uni year, so I put one together for her... yes it's HER choice
of fabric🙂 The lining is a purple like you see on the outside.
Thanks to Florence at 'Flossie Teacakes' & her great tutorial, I now have one very pleased daughter♥
 The zipper technique was new to me, but Florence explains it well & there is heaps of great pics.

Yesterday whilst scrolling through my IG feed, I noticed that a business I follow was in my area, as a vendor at a quilters group gathering... I spied some wool felt in one of her pics & was able to find out that she was still there... so I jumped at my chance to get some felt.
Tanya is the owner of Cotton Rose, a beautiful shop about 90 minutes south of me... it was lovely to meet her & put a face to the IG loveliness she posts @cotton_rose1.
I really only use wool felt for putting in needle books, but don't like to order it online... I like to see the colours first, before I make my choice.
Do you use wool felt in your crafting??

I hope you have a great Monday... well, as good as Mondays can get!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

EPP Time Again...

Yes, it's EPP Tuesday once more... time to show off any EPP going on!
 This is the current state of my Scrappy Hexy Quilt...
I'm going to add white hexy's around the outer edge... you can see where I've started... then it's going to be put away for a little while so I can focus on finishing some small items that I just want to get out of the way.
I hope you'll share your EPP projects here... it would be lovely to see what others are working on... you know you can share anything at all!
The link is in my right-hand sidebar.
On the matter of scrappy... I find it so interesting how the term gets used.
In my mind, what I'm making is definitely a scrappy project... totally random fabrics, most of which are leftovers from other sewing... completely unrelated & lacking any co-ordination between them.
I find it so curious then, that when I'm looking online at other EPP quilts, (or quilts in general) that many of them are called scrappy, yet they're made from fabrics which all come from the same range or designer; thus resulting in a very cohesive look.

As with all things creative, it reminds me that while there is general definitions of certain words & terms, we each then have our own further understanding of what they mean to us.
How good is that?! There is no 'right or wrong' it just IS!
How do you define scrappy?

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

'Initial Heart Swap' ... My Parcel Arrived♥

Having spent this morning out on errands, it was such a delight to arrive home to my darling little
Site Manager wagging his tail & yodeling sweetly... & just as delightful, to see my
Initial Heart Swap parcel had arrived! Yay!

Lovely Simone (Quilting Is My Down Time) has made me a gorgeous mini quilt, with my A on it... oh my, so beautiful & such small pieces, wow😮 I love it!
 Rounding out the goodies is some delicious choccy's & Peppermint Tea bags.
Simone had emailed me just this morning to express her dismay at the delay in delivery - so I was pleased to reply to her that in a coincidence of timing, her parcel had arrived... ah, the mysteries of Australia Post 😠
Not to worry, I love it & will be pleased to display it not only in February's!

Thank you again for your beautiful stitching & gifting Simone xx
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