Tuesday, 23 August 2016

It's The Fourth Tuesday... EPP Time!

What's your EPP? Applique... fussy-cutting... different shapes in the same project??
I'd love to see it, & have you link up in my right-hand sidebar.

Oh-so pleased to be sharing my pics today...
 It's not hard stitching them into rows, but there's a kind of hand-gymnastics required at times when joining the rows... Gotta get bossy with those rows to keep them in line.
 Three more of these & I'll have the makings of a centre, yay!

~ Have a Great Tuesday ~

Saturday, 20 August 2016

'Christmas Through The Year' for August

Goodness I had quite lost track of the date, hence the late posting of the linky for this month!
I've finally finished the last zipper pouch that was on my 'to-make' list for this year.
And I must say, I'm pretty happy with it, isn't the fabric so cute? I know the recipient will love it.

If you're sewing for Christmas, I'd love you to share it here... there aren't many months left until December!
The linky will close at midnight on the 24th... won't you join me?

There's also been a little secret sewing happening... love the way it's turned out... you'll just have to wait a while to see it in full!

And lucky me, I've been sick for a third time this year... fortunately, this time it didn't last long & I'm feeling good again now... if it happens again, I'm seriously going to go live in a cave devoid of all human contact... so 'over' the coughing, nose-blowing & congestion.
This is the first time in years that I've genuinely looked forward to the end of Winter.

Well, I'm going to get on & hit 'publish' on this, so I can get around & visit a few blogs, I'm so behind with my reading.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

It's A Hexy Quilt Start!

Yes friends, I have a quilt embryo!

The Super Long Term Scrappy Hexy Quilt has its first block stitched together, yay...
 The second block is laid out & ready to be stitched.
Golly there's so much stitching needed for even one block... but I'll just have to pace myself so I don't create problems for my hands!

After all this time of basting, basting, basting... filling the tub with them... I'm happy to be at the 'stitching together' stage.
It's going to be a long process, but so worth it!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

'Piece Yourself Together'... My Next Stage

Welcome to 'Piece Yourself Together' for the 2nd Tuesday of August!
If you're not familiar with this fun little linky, you can find out more about it by clicking on the PYT tab at the top of this page.
Last linky, I was in a quandary about whether to use cream or white as a background... there was some careful thought & auditioning... WHITE is the winner!
Of course the deliberation was needed because this is going to become a family heirloom, work of art, revered & lauded throughout the lands for its beauty & workmanship... I think NOT... but it might win an Ugly Quilt ribbon.
My efforts for PYT this time has been to cut a starter pile of white hexy's... now they're ready to be basted... some black ones have been done too... don't they look lovely in the tub with all their friends?!
 It's going to be fun just picking out hexy's & stitching them together.

Thanks for popping by... If you're working on an EPP project... any project at all... I hope you'll share it here... I'd love to see what other EPP is happening out there!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

FNwF for August

What a great Friday! Actually I think most Fridays are great.
After my very lazy FNSI recently, I thought I'd better pick up my game & DO something for FNwF!

Off to Patch group I went in the morning... with my fabrics ready to continue sewing on my Indian Hatchet blocks... nice easy sewing to do while still being able to be in conversation with the ladies.

The Work Station:
This is a basic idea of what I'm thinking for this project... I took the pic on Thursday, so Friday's blocks are not included. Happy me, so far! (but not such a great pic)
Thank you Cheryll for hosting us again... it's always fun to go check out what the other ladies got up to... which you can do by clicking here.

Thanks for popping by & I hope you have a great week ahead.

Monday, 1 August 2016

'Christmas In July' Swap

Once again, Cheryll has done a wonderful job of co-ordinating this fun swap... thank you Cheryll, I've enjoyed it as I always do!
 This year, my gifts arrived from O'Faigh...
A beautiful runner & placemats, festive fabrics, a timber tree-shaped ornament... so many goodies!
Thank you again O'Faigh for sending me some Christmas In July swap joy!

My gifts were dropped off the sleigh to Shez... it's possible Shez loves Christmas more than anyone I know!... I'd been wanting to make this Gail Pan mini quilt for so long, so I took my opportunity to make it for her.
Inspirational Words - Gail Pan mini quilt
Santa - goody bag
Snowman - ornament 
(not sure if the link will work, it seems Shez's blog has 'been removed', hopefully only a temporary glitch)
 I love this design so much, I'm going to make another... & keep it! cheeky me

The Site Manager & I went for a lovely stroll along the Foreshore of town this morning... it was cold, but the sun was shining, just beautiful... it's not a pretty sight at the moment... so many Works projects happening in the same area...
 but I didn't mind... & of course Site Manager was in heaven with all that grass & all those trees to pee on; where does it all come from?!

Have A Great Week!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

'Piece Yourself Together'... Last Of The Colours!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I'm a bit excited about these little cuties... they're the last of the coloured/print hexy's for my Super Long Term Scrappy Hexy Quilt... a stack of purples to toss in the tub with all the others.

A layout has been decided upon for this quilt... what a hard decision to make, given there are so many great inspirations out there & zillions of fabulous ideas!
Consideration is also being given to background fabric... but it's a bit of a thing... white or a very pale cream?... hhmmm... they're a bit hard to get a good photo of... I have put a pile of coloured hexy's with both colours & fear a white background might end up looking a bit grey, or stark, or just not right... I'll have to have a good think!
Those black fabrics are there for a reason... they're going to be a small part of the quilt.... small but I think good.

It was such fun reading the Comments about my 'literary dilemma'... the decision has been made... the next book already has my bookmark in it!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Hibiscus How-To... Pressing Station/Board for Patchwork & Craft

Having shared a blog post early in June that showed off my new pressing station board, I have put together a few pics of how I made it.

 I didn't want a regular ironing board for my new room... they're not a good shape for patchwork & not easy to press big items either; after all, they're designed for the ironing of garments, not the more important stuff like patchwork!
So I had a really good look around online for various tutorials & images ... got all the inspiration & ideas I needed... & headed off to the hardware shop.

 The measurements I state are what I used for my own board, but of course can be adapted for any size.

To start with, I purchased the following:
* a pre-cut piece of MDF board - 1200mm x 600mm x 9mm
*quilt batting - enough for two layers over the board
*fabric - enough for one layer over the board
 * I also bought a staple gun, plus 6mm & 8mm staples.
My batting is cotton, because it sits nice & flat. You might like to use 3 layers; I found 2 sufficient.
The fabric is a decorator cotton, slightly heavier than standard quilting fabric. I think decorator cotton or drill is more suitable for this purpose; perhaps regular quilting fabric will wear out quicker.

A Word About The Staple Gun.
For best results the staple gun needs a good firm hand, so I used the heal of my left hand to hold the gun in place while squeezing the lever with my right hand. I also used an old magazine under the gun so I didn't cause dents in my table.
Without that hand in place & something underneath the back of the stapler, I found the gun pushed
up on me a bit, & the staples didn't fire in nicely & sit flat.

Let's Get To Work.
Decide what size you want your board, & cut it to size. Make sure there are no rough edges.
The 600mm was too big for my space, so I got mrHS to cut it to 500mm.

The batting & fabric need to be cut bigger than your MDF board. I allowed an extra ~13cm (5") on each side, which allows for folding under & stapling down.

On a firm flat surface (I used my table), lay your pressed fabric RIGHT SIDE DOWN, then layer with the two pieces of batting. On top of this, carefully place your MDF piece, centred as best you can.

I chose to staple the batting first, separately from the fabric... why? because the fabric is likely to need replacing a couple of times before the batting needs to be changed.

Using the 6mm staples & starting in the middle of a long side, I folded the batting & stapled towards one end of the MDF, leaving about 3 inches between each staple. Then I went back to the middle & worked towards the other end.
There's a staple about 2½inches from the very end, so the batting has a smooth edge all the way along.

Do the same for the other long edge, making very sure to pull the batting a little so there's no wrinkles, & it's fairly firm. Just don't pull it so tight that it rips!

For the corners, cut away the batting so it will fold neatly & without unnecessary bulk.
It's important to take care with this folding, so it sits nicely & gives a good finished result; you really don't want fat/squishy/strangley-shaped corners that don't sit nicely.
Cut the corner batting, & play around with the fold until you're happy with how it sits.
(Yes, I'm obsessed with each stage being just-so, but it's worth it I assure you!)

You can now fold & staple the short edges of the board, just the same way you did the long edges - starting in the middle & working towards one corner. When you get to a corner, fold your batting up into that nice fold you created, & secure with a staple or two.
I found that the 8mm staples were better for the corners, due to the thickness of the batting in these areas.

6mm staples used:

A couple of 8mm for added security:

Continue stapling along the short edges & do your corners until all your edges are done. Lovely!

Now for the fabric... This time, my staples are a little closer together, & I've folded under the edges of the fabric for a nice finish. I went back to the 6mm staples for this, & used the 8mm for the corners.
Again, I took my time with this... to get a good firm pleasing result, but also to take into account the geometric pattern on my fabric.
 Be sure not to staple on top of one that's already holding the batting!
 As with the batting layer, I started in the middle of a long edge, worked to one end, then went back to the middle & worked towards the other end.
Put a staple about 2inches from the end of long edges - this will end up under the fabric when the short edge is folded over, & helps maintain a lovely smooth edge, right to the corner.
( I forgot to take a pic, sorry)

When stapling the opposite long side, pull the fabric so it's tight & will remain firm when in use.

Then I worked on the narrow edges, carefully folding the corners before stapling. These corners were now a bit thick, so I changed up to the 8mm staples & banged them with all the Better Homes & Gardens confidence I could muster!

You're now done, just turn over your MDF & admire your handiwork!

To keep my board from sliding around too much on my table, I glued some 12mm x 20mm pine beading underneath. Any form of stabilising can be used - customise to your own situation. There are plenty of ideas to be found online.

 For me, I only glued the beading to the underside of the front edge, so my board doesn't slide backwards towards the wall. There's also a thin non-slip matting between the board & the surface of the table.

So there you have it... one fabulous pressing board for you to work with when you're doing what you love... no more struggling with an ironing board that's designed for clothes, with its annoying shape & size that's not practical for patchwork!

Thank you for reading... maybe this gives you an idea for your own space?!
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