Thursday, 20 October 2016

'Christmas Through The Year' for October

Christmas things appearing in the shops... family events being planned... the Jolly man is gearing up for his annual round-the-world trip...
And it's time to be giving serious thought to making some Christmas gifts & stashing them away!
With a friend recently returning to her sewing hobby, I've made her a zipper pouch, skinny-pinny & a little needlebook... yes the fabric is familiar, it's leftovers from making birthday gifts.
(I adore these fabrics & I'm so glad I have even a little bit more to keep for myself!)
 How cute is that pink spotty lining?!

Won't you join me this month for CTTY?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Not Just Hexy's...

Gosh I just realised how much 'hexy goodness' I've posted on my blog in recent months!
Guess that's what can happen between secret sewing & bouts of winter ills.

So just to vary things up a little, I want to share some gifts I sent to my longtime bloggy friend Kaylee... for 2016 we agreed to do a 'birthday swap'... a handmade gift, some small extras & 3 fat quarters... well, Kaylee's birthday was last month & here's what I sent her:
 Also made a matching pincushion & skinny pincushion - bit hard to see, sorry.

The fq's are Kate Spain 'Aria'... so gorgeous from my favourite designer.
Plus two pair of scissors, in very handy size.
 I know Kaylee loves shoes, bling & pink, so I reckon this fabric is pretty spot-on, don't you??!

I've also been progressing the batiks strips... being that it's a 'challenge' project from my patchwork group, it's sneak-peaks only, sorry... but here's a better look at their awfulness...
  LOTS of strip sets, ready for the next stage of sewing...
 In keeping with my tradition of giving names to some of my projects, I've called this 'The Sows Ear'... maybe I'm hoping for a silk purse when it's finished?!

Some months ago, I blogged that I'm also participating in a Mystery Friendship Quilt with my patchwork group... this is a close-up look at some of the blocks I've made for the other ladies. 

I was so pleased with this white/black/pink-pop block... it's called 'Aunt Dinah'... sadly the lady who was to receive it passed away mid-April... the blocks made for her are being made up into something special for her family.

It's certainly been a very interesting project, & we only have 2 blocks to go... well, I have a few more than that, I'm officially behind. When all the 17 blocks are complete, we'll be having a special day of 'reveal' at which the co-ord of this Mystery will give each of us the collection of blocks that have been made for us.
It's up to each lady to decide what she wants to make with her blocks... not necessarily a quilt, although that's what I'll be doing with mine.

Christmas swaps are well under way... this year I'm doing two... quite different to eachother but definitely fun... both with partners I've not sent to before, bonus!

Ok, I'd better get Pfaff-ing... catch-up blocks to sew... sunshine to enjoy...
Have a great day!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

'Piece Yourself Together'... Happy Progress

Come on ladies, it's time to share your EPP work here!
I can't be the only one working with templates, tiny fabric pieces, basting, hand-stitching... creating something lovely♥

I realise it doesn't look like much, but I'm so pleased with my progress... adding the white hexy's between the first 6 blocks for my scrappy quilt... feels like it's finally becoming something!

As usual, the PYT linky is in my right-hand sidebar, & will close midnight of Thursday.
Don't forget to go visit the links & see the gorgeous work going on!

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Better Late Than Never...

Last post, I wrote about having had a really lovely day out...
Finally I've remembered to share some pics here!
(this is a pic-heavy post, get comfy)

Sunday the 25th of September saw me go along to a wonderful event called
"Boddington Field of Quilts", accompanied by mrHS & mr16.
Boddington is a sweet quiet town about 95km south-east of my beachside city... founded on the timber industry of the region in the 1920s, it's now a much smaller population but still as interesting & so very pretty.

The local Arts Council hosts this event each year, & boy I'm so glad I went... the weather threatened to ruin the day, but held off.

I recognised some designs:
Thimble Blossoms 'Swoon'
Kids Quilts 'Bugsy'
The Birdhouse/Natalie Bird 'Bluebird Lane'
 Others were just incredible in the amount of work & skill gone into their creation:

What a knockout to also look closely at the detail & quilting... seriously impressive:

I had the privilege of meeting the creator of this series of wall hangings... based on her experiences of devastating bushfires that tore through the region of Margaret River in 2011. She is a textile artist whose home was nearly lost to the fires. The pieces represent the fires (L), the immediate aftermath (C) & the beginnings of new growth (R)
 They were over 4 years in the making... just wish I had a decent close-up to show you, but the light wasn't good enough... the detail is really quite extraordinary.

Such a delicious meeting of styles, colours & skills!

There was also a few stands selling fabrics, patterns & threads, that sort of thing... I managed to resist despite strong temptation.
 The vintage car display promoted as part of the event was a disappointment... mrHS & mr16 were very generous with their patience while I looked around... thank you darlings x

After that, we drove halfway home & stopped at the fantastic Community Hotel in one of my favourite places, Dwellingup. This is where I go for Retreat each April. (the town not the hotel!)
A burger & a glass of wine in the cool sunshine was just bliss.

Going to be keeping my eyes open for these sorts of events from now on!
If you're still with me, I thank you... I just couldn't help it...

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

It's the 4th Tuesday...

Don't the weeks roll by so quickly?!
And to compound my time warp, it's school holidays here now so I have no hope of remembering what day it is!

So proud of myself this past week... picking myself up out of my pity-party & getting some good stitching done. The centre six blocks of my scrappy hexy quilt are complete, yay...
 Coming along nicely!

I hope you'll share your EPP with me here... as always, the linky is in the right-hand sidebar...
come on, show off what you're making!

Welcome to my new Followers... I hope you'll leave me a Comment so I can know who you are & go visit your blog too... it's always great to make new blogging friends, don't you think?!

On Sunday I had a lovely day out with mrHS & mr16... pics next post.
To everyone who has sent me positive words in my recent posts, I thank you again... it's lovely to be feeling brighter about 'things' once again!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

'Christmas Through The Year' for September

It's getting closer... I bet you've already seen Festive things in the shops already!
I've done a sneaky for this month... finishing a long-neglected sewing companion that was almost finished, but not quite... For some reason, I had not got around to stitching the bind around the edge, so that got done yesterday & now it's ready for the giftie box.
(This item is possibly familiar... I made some a while back as gifts)
My tub is getting very full now!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Getting Going, Again...

What a strange few months this has been for me.
I really don't even know how to start with writing this post!

My SewJo seems to be making itself felt again (back from its elopement, Fiona!)... with some recent sunny days, I've spent a little time outside in the sun with either a few books, or a few patterns... leafing through for some enjoyment & seeking of inspiration... And I've even picked up my needle & thread, doing a little hexy block stitching too!
Thought was given to starting a new project, but I decided against that; creating a List Of Four things to work on, just to get me going again. Four feels do-able for now.... three of which have been neglected long enough they feel new anyway;)

These blocks from back in late-April that I sewed on Retreat are on my List Of Four

I also decided it was time to get working in earnest on this:

Ghastly batiks 'challenge' jelly roll I won on the same Retreat.
The 'challenge' is to make something from the above roll & have it finished to Show & Tell at Retreat 2017... I'd previously decided on a way to use the roll, but work stalled as the winter ills reigned... after a little revising, I'm ready to start sewing.
You can see that the nasty greens & yellows of the roll have been joined by some other fabrics... I can't say or show much more until the Reveal next year, sorry!

Being that I'm behind with some blocks for our Patch group Mystery Friendship Quilt, I have those to do too, over a few weeks.

In the absence of needle-n-thread action, I've been doing a bit of re-organising, a bit of cleaning out & a bit of seasonal cleaning... though which season that is, I'm not sure... it's that time of year where it feels very Spring-ish for a day or two, then the winds & rains return!
 I've definitely got a case of Cabin Fever, but I hope it hasn't made me delirious!

~~ Have a Great Week Ahead! ~~

Monday, 5 September 2016

Sew-Jo, Mo-Jo... Wherefore Art Thou?!

 Not a great title for a blog post, but sadly it's the truth!
So many other things have been taking my time, with not much left for stitching or sewing... but, that's life & there's been some good stuff happening during my absence from blogland.
I've at least managed a bit of hexy stitching some evenings... but most evenings, it's just not happening... perhaps I'm a bit hexy fatigued, & a slow patch will do me good!

 I've been a very lucky recipient of some fab mail recently... Kim, at Wisdom With Needle & Thread is doing "60 RAKs"... and wow, check out what she's sent me:
 DMC threads... a pretty fq... a cross stitch chart... & the prettiest hand-painted trinket box... just look at the detail, amazing... thank you so much Kim, I love it all & I'm so grateful for your generosity in doing these RAKs!

Mr 16's soccer season is finished... so I get my Friday nights back, yay... I wonder how many oranges I've cut & taken to every game for them?! My darling girls are both working hard on their uni stuff, so much work in 4th year; clearly they get their drive from mrHS, the only thing I did well with at school was English & socialising!

Isn't it wonderful that Spring is in the air? It's officially been a colder-than-usual winter here, so it's great to see new growth in the gardens & be able to open the doors and windows to daytime breezes.
What do you love about Spring?

Thanks for popping by, have a great day.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

It's The Fourth Tuesday... EPP Time!

What's your EPP? Applique... fussy-cutting... different shapes in the same project??
I'd love to see it, & have you link up in my right-hand sidebar.

Oh-so pleased to be sharing my pics today...
 It's not hard stitching them into rows, but there's a kind of hand-gymnastics required at times when joining the rows... Gotta get bossy with those rows to keep them in line.
 Three more of these & I'll have the makings of a centre, yay!

~ Have a Great Tuesday ~
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