Sunday, 20 May 2018

Limping Along

The last couple of weeks have been a battle here at Hibiscus HQ.
I've been unwell, but we just can't figure out what's going on with me... nothing dramatic but just keeps me feeling 'not quite right'... low-grade but persistent symptoms that don't seem to add up to anything particular.
All this leaves little energy for much... just been doing the minimum of domestic chores... but mostly resting/sleeping/managing nausea/reading/feeling frustrated.
In the more tolerable periods, my good old Scrappy Hexagon Quilt has been on hand... a few stitches here & there.

Hopefully whatever this thing is, will pass soon!
I miss blogland♥

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Well That Was Longer Than I Planned!

(Fair warning, this is a long post)
Goodness these weeks have flown by!
 My time in Melbourne with my DD-Y (21-26 April) was wonderful... it really was her holiday, but we both had a fab time & it did my heart good to see her decompressing after a stressful time in recent months.
 It ended up being somewhat a Festival of Football... we went to 3 games! The footy is much more her passion than mine, but it was great to see her enjoying it.
I'm an unashamed home-body, however it was nice to get a break from cooking & laundry... we even spent one evening lying on our beds, eating some chocolate & watching Bachelor In Paradise😃

It was great to take a break from the phone & social media too... which somehow continued well beyond my days away... but now it's high time to get back into things again.

Last week I finished my blue & white quilt top... I really don't enjoy the sewing of borders & this quilt has three, so the prospect was not thrilling. Careful measuring & sewing happened, & the result has me smiling. The pattern is an old Melly & Me design.
 The backing fabric (which I'm quite in love with!) needs to be prepared & hopefully I can get a booking with my quilter this week to drop it off to her.

Some more little Festive hexy's have been made into flowers... how cute are these little guys?!
 Compare the size to a standard thread reel!
Now I look forward to popping into my favourite blogs during the next few days to see what you all have been up to lately♥

* ~> Thanks for popping by & have a fab Monday < ~*

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

'Piece Yourself Together'... The Dainty Edition

( This is a scheduled post... I'm currently on a short holiday)

This past fortnight, I've been playing with my little Christmas hexy's... basting in preparation for making little flowers... they sure are fiddly, but perfect for evening occupation.

How adorable is this one?! Believe it or not, no fussy-cutting was involved.
These babies have half-inch sides & certainly test the agility of my chunky fingers.

I've tucked them away in a little zipper pouch, along with a needle & thread... just in case I get an opportunity to play with them while I'm on my holiday😉

Thank you to everyone who joins in with PYT each fortnight... AND of course anyone is welcome to join in any time they wish to! Remember, PYT believes in equality & inclusion... no EPP is excluded here♥
Linky in the right-hand side bar & open until midnight Thursday, West Australia time.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

'Rainbow Scrap Challenge' Yellow Granny Blocks

My Granny blocks for the RSC month are sewn, yay!
I was very keen to get my RSC work for April finished before today, the reason shall be explained soon.
It's so dull here today, & I just couldn't get a good cheery shot of my blocks.
This is my favourite little piece... how cute are these spools & pincushions?!
I really enjoy making my RSC blocks each month... If you'd like to know more about this fun Challenge, pop over to the information page on Angela's blog HERE.

 There is a little bit of excitement here right now... tomorrow I'm off on a little holiday!
I'm going with my DDY to Melbourne for a few days... it's school holidays here in WA, & she declared herself in need of a good break; the first few months of her new town & job have been very intensive. I'll be away from blogland from tomorrow for a week.

While I would love (LOVE!) to reach out & meet bloggy friends in person, this is sadly not the time... & to be honest, I'm not even thinking about finding patchwork shops or any such thing. The time with my DD is the priority.

I got my nails done in preparation... DDY adopted a beautiful cat in mid-March, she is mostly white, and has stunning green eyes... so I got a fun cat stamp in honour of my GrandCat!
A blog post will be scheduled for PYT on Tuesday, & the linky will be up.

Thanks for dropping by & I shall return at the end of next week!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

'Rainbow Scrap Challenge' ... Finally Revealing My Secret Project!

The 'Rainbow Scrap Challenge' is providing me with a good deal of fun, & of course a lot of sewing & pressing!
Now that we have four colours done for the year so far, my projects are starting to take shape in exactly the way I hoped they would... phew.

Most of my readers will have seen the Granny Blocks I've been sewing as my primary project... they're super cute & very easy to sew... I like the Orderly Chaos of them.
The colour for April is yellows... I've got my little squares ready to sew my three blocks:

As for the Secret Project, I was really not sure about whether reality would match up with my hopes for this idea, which is why I kept it secret for these months... however, as I've now sewn the yellows blocks & laid them out with the others already made, I believe that YES indeed-y I do like what's happening here!
FINALLY here they all are... my secret RSC project.
The block is called Crosses & Losses... they measure 8½" square (unfinished).
 Of course as the RSC year progresses, more colours will be added.
This project has also provided me with a fun opportunity to cut up the small bits & pieces of background fabrics that have sat in my tubs for varying amounts of time... there certainly was plenty to choose from!
 The Perfect Points Ninja has joined her sister The Pressing Ninja to help me create these blocks... virtually all of the seams are being pressed open, so the Ninja Sisters are working super-hard... oh the satisfaction of a super-flat block!
I'm really loving both of these projects!

It might seem like I've been sewing a lot lately, but I really haven't.
It seems that no matter how old our Offspring are, they still have times when they need their Mum & Dad... & in my case lately, the needs have been simultaneous... lots of long talks, questions & answers, & guidance given... & OMG so many laughs...  sometimes the needle & thread just gotta take a back seat.
They're still finding their way in the world, & I'm glad they trust us to support them.

Right-o, I should get out to my sewing while I have alone time... get those Granny blocks sewn together!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

EPP Tuesday... It's Here!

 Just take a look at how productive I've been with my Scrappy Hexy Quilt...
or indeed with any EPP at all.

Between one thing & several others (including the possibility that I might be an avid watcher of 'Bachelor In Paradise Australia' 😉😉 & that I was possessed to give my pantry a major overhaul) EPP just hasn't made it into my hands.

I'm really hoping that this lack of EPP activity hasn't rubbed off on my EPP friends... Please do pop your link in the right-hand sidebar & show us what you've been piecing!

The linky is always open for a few days, & closes midnight Thursday, standard West Aust time.
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